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      Corporate Press Release

      The final verdict of the content amount of TBHQ and BHT in Hsu Fu Chi's related products meeting the national food safety standards

      April 8, 2013, The Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court made a final verdict on the case of Zhang Zhihua suing Shenzhen Carrefour Commercial Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Carrefour") & Dongguan Hsu-chi Food Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hsu-chi") for sales contract disputes, the verdict was as follows:

      The Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court held that, food additives TBHQ and BHT in Hsu Fu Chi's crispy sachima, mango shortbread and crisp peanut candy were brought by the raw materials. And this kind of brought-in dose and the way of food label met the national food safety standards, so the three kinds of food involved in this case manufactured and sold by Hsu-chi and Carrefour complied with relevant regulations. The relationship of sales contract between the appellee Zhang Zhihua who bought the above-mentioned food and the two appellors was legal and effective, therefore, the two appellors did not constitute fraud. The court of original trail had not ascertained the above-mentioned facts, which led to the error law application and shall be commuted.

      The Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court made the following two verdicts: firstly, repealing Shenzhen Futian District People's Court (2012) Shen Fu Law Min-Yi-Chu-Zi-3924 Civil Judgment; secondly, dismissing the appellee Zhang Zhihua's the lawsuit.