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      Corporate News

      Nestlé R&D Center Settle Down in Hsu Fu Chi, Helping Establish Hsu Fu Chi as a 100-Year Brand

      On June 17, Nestlé officially opened its third Research and Development Center at Dongguan Hsu Fu Chi, which is one of the key initiatives between Nestlé and Hsu Fu Chi in helping establish Hsu Fu Chi as a 100-year brand. Also, continuing to achieve a better and stronger Hsu Fu Chi brand is the common goal between the two enterprises when formally establishing a joint venture.

      R&D focus: confectionery and ice cream

      The Nestlé Dongguan R&D Center will focus on two product categories: confectionery products and ice cream. It will develop more high-quality products for consumers, and will also become Nestlé’s ice cream R&D capability center in China.

      Alliance between Giants, Developing the 100-year Hsu Fu Chi Brand

      Nestlé owns its professional and perfect basis of scientific research, product development and quality assurance system, while Hsu Fu Chi has more than 1000 successful product development experience. Regard to the combined application based on the Nestlé Dongguan R&D Center, Norman Hang Hsu, Corporate Affairs Officer & Executive Director.

      Hsu Fu Chi International Group, said, "Hsu Fu Chi will make a full use of the competitive edges of Dongguan R&D Center to develop more nutritional, healthy and refined snake confectionery products and assist Hsu Fu Chi to achieve continuous breakthroughs, and help us upgrade and expand in the confectionary industry with offering safe, healthy, nutritious and yummy products. All this is in order to achieve our vision of becoming a 100-year brand."